Life Lessons From a Red Serge

Life Lessons From a Red Serge

This book was inspired by Staff Sergeant Garvey, an RCMP member who learned important lessons from the many people and communities across Canada he partnered with to serve and protect. While this book was written for his grandchildren so that the life lessons he would have taught them would not be lost, the lessons could benefit many people of all ages. The Lessons remind us that everyone has potential and anyone can grow to become a better person.

Profits from sale of this book will be donated to Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV), a cause Staff Sergeant Garvey was passionate about and actively involved in.

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John Gormley Interview

Linda Garvey and Barb Porter of McKenzie Carver & Associates talk to John Gormley on News Talk 650 about their brother, RCMP Staff Sgt. Peter Garvey and the book "Life Lessons from a Red Serge". The book contains all the lessons Peter passed on to them before he passed away from brain cancer in 2017.


What people are saying about the book


I found the book very down to earth, and at times very humbling. Each one of these life lessons is very simple but also very in-depth. A must read for everyone.

— S.B.

Thank you for sharing the 13 lessons for all to learn from the life of your late brother. These words provide hope for all those who read this book. They describe so simply the actions that each person should aspire to as they live life to the fullest!  I have read portions of this book as an opening to meetings that I have led. The life lessons remind us what it means to graciously be a part of community where we are called to serve and build relationships of respect, honesty, and with courage. 

— T.S.


First of all, thank-you to the publisher for this wonderful book. Well done! Barb and Linda, what a great tribute to Pete Garvey! There are some fabulous interventions and words of wisdom that can be passed along to his legacy and to those who need a reminder on how to lead a good life. This is an antidote to help cultivate compassionate human beings, something our world needs more of! Never underestimate the power of resilience and an individual’s capacity to love, endure and make a difference in another person’s life. We must all strive to be the kind of person it seems Peter was, for it is the simple things in life that have the greatest impact on our survival.

— M. O. 

The daily reminders found within this delightful read do not push an agenda, but simply act as a guide that anyone can follow and implement into their daily lives at any time.

— B. C. SaskBooks Reviewer